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    Beacon Group offers clients direct access to experts who can thoroughly address the needs of the financial community. Our Financial Team gives quick and easy access to our expert advice and solutions, including a wide range of auditing, financial management and financial asset services, and accommodates any financial services assistance you may require.  Our Team of experienced and dedicated professionals are committed to providing you with competitive pricing, rapid response and outstanding value services.
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     M I S S I O N   S O L U T I O N S

    • transitional portfolios
    • budgeting
    • recovery audits
    • cicular a-123 complaince
    • asset management
    • risk management
    • financial analysis
    • financial reporting
    • audit preparation
    • document systems
    • SEC reporting
    • Sarbanes-oxley compliance 


    • Analyze, process and summarize transactions
    • Assist in devising new or revised accounting policies and procedures
    • Classify accounting transactions
    • Perform special studies to improve accounting operations 
    • Aids in developing an integrated risk management program which includes internal controls for the following accounting functions and processes;
      • Credit reform accounting
      • Equity Investments
      • Investor Accounting
      • Investment Accounting
    • Resolve accounting issues
    • Resolve and/or implement audit findings
    • Assess or enhance accounting internal controls
    • Improve operating efficiency and effectiveness


    • Service, monitor, and maintain government held assets
    • Assist in assessment and improvement of current asset management process related to: 
      • Cash management
      • Transitional portfolio management
      • Government property, plant and equipment
      • Adequacy of controls, policies and procedures


    • Assess and improve the budget formulation process
    • Assess and improve the budget execution process
    • Conduct special reviews of budget formulation or execution issues
    • Review budgetary controls
    • Assist with implementation of corrective actions


    • Identify Overpayments
    • Recover Overpayments
    When economic times are volatile and businesses are facing a downturn in revenue, many CFOs turn their attention to cost-containment. A logical place to start cutting costs is labor, given that in many industries labor costs account for an average of 60% of all variable costs.
    The volatility in the business climate not only dictates that labor costs be contained, but also that you become more agile in your use and deployment of labor, a characteristic not generally managed well in the traditional employer/employee relationship.
    Successful organizations must develop workforce plans that allow their organizations to shift people resources rapidly from areas of low return to areas of high return, as the business environment shifts.
    One approach is working with Beacon Group and implementing a contingent workforce strategy that allows your organization to rapidly cut labor costs by releasing contingent contract or temporary workers.
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