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We are excited to have you on our team and look forward to all of the valuable contributions you will bring to our company.  As part of the Beacon Group team, we will work to give you opportunities to keep as busy as you like. We can help you find flexible assignments, long-term opportunities and even full-time positions.

With any new job comes a wealth of new procedures and processes that can be a bit overwhelming at first. Our goal is to simplify that process enough to give you the kick start that you need to get off and running in your new job here at Beacon Group. We hope you will take advantage of all of the great resources this site provides.

As a Beacon Group employee, you are probably currently providing work for one of our many clients. We’ve developed the Employee Center specifically to meet the needs of our diverse workforce. You must be a current employee and have your password to enter the Employee Resource Library. If you do not have your Employee Resource Library password, or have forgotten your password, please contact and one will be sent to you.

You can call our Human Resource department at 703-684-3144 from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00.p.m., EST. Or email the HR department at if you have any questions about Beacon Group’s benefit programs or company policies.


Employee Benefits- As a Beacon Group employee, you may be eligible to participate in a range of Company sponsored health, dental, life, accident, disability benefits and QTE - Transportation Plans benefit programs.

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Beacon Group Employee Handbook- View, download and print your copy of the Beacon Group Employee Handbook. Available to Beacon Group employees and contractors only. Click here to go to the Employee Resource Center.

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Policies and Employee Forms- As part of the Beacon Group team, you are a representative of Beacon Group at your worksite. We have developed these polices to guide you and impart our expectations of your conduct. Click here to go to the Employee Resource Center.

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Beacon Group Employee Safety Handbook & Videos- Workplace safety is of paramount importance to us. Like may concerned companies, Beacon Group has implemented ways to control hazards and undue risk at the worksite. Click here to go to the Employee Resource Center.

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Security Clearances- Information regarding the Security Clearance process. If you have a question or need access to the Security Clearance Forms library, contact,

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Refer-a-Friend Program- Are you ready to earn some extra cash? Up to $1,000 dollars! Take advantage of the Refer-a-Friend Program. As a Beacon Group employee, you can earn “DOUBLE CREDIT” for each referral.Click to learn more.

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eLearning Center- As a valued memeber of Beacon Group, we offer you the opportunity to utilize our eLearning Center. The eLearning Center gives you access to over 25 of the most popular software titles.Click here to go to the eLearning Center. View our Newsletters - Receive helpful tips and and anytime!

Winter 2008 Beacon Group eZine
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